when you're still waiting for the snow to fall

i'm done with finals! .....kind of. long story; you'll hear about it soon.

for now, though, i wanted to remember that it is december: it is Christmas. and i LOVE Christmas! And the accompanying holiday music......well, when it's good. and since i've have been and continue to be caught up with finals and other such stresses, music is the one thing that reminds me that regardless of stressful things, it's still Christmas time.

mariah reminded me of this song and video, and i remembered how much i like it:

for a lot of reasons. by the way, mariah's been posting lots of Christmas music, so you should check out her picks.
speaking of which, what Christmas music are you rocking out to? i wouldn't complain if you leave a link or two in the comments. :) 


Reader Riah said...

It seems you've already got a link to the Christmas music I'm mostly rocking out to. Here's one I haven't posted: http://youtu.be/orDENUwk344

... yet.

Alexis Noelle said...

Congratulations on being done with finals! I have one more to go.. almost there!

I have been loving this version of "Baby it's cold ouside"

--jeff * said...

i like this post. : )

pretty much the only Christmas music that i've been listening to is the charlie brown Christmas soundtrack.

and the quiet company ep.