everything's not lost

so....this finals week thing? you know, those two hand-drawn animations i have to complete by tuesday and that big 3.5' x 4' painting i have to finish by monday? you know, the projects that, due to many, many setbacks i kind of just started this week for real? ...i just might be able to pull it off. we'll see.

oh yeah, and the fixing my car and getting the wrong parts ordered 3 times...thing, the singing in two ensembles and performing monday immediately after my final while i'm sick...thing, and the teaching relief society tomorrow thing? i think i can do that, too.

but either way, i haven't been doing it on my own. i'm dead serious.
"God does notice us and he watches over us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs."
- spencer w. kimball

thank you, all of you people who have helped me get through this week. i think you know who you are. God's taking care of all of us. He's got it covered. which is, i think, a pretty cool...thing.

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--jeff * said...

i'm really glad we're friends.
thank you for the reminders that i need to be reminded of.

i think my last comment sounded a lot like this.
that's ok, they're both genuine.