i'm the number two

sixteen things i currently love (in no particular order) :

1. well-coordinated outfits (which sometimes match my surroundings)
2. writing
3. the temple
4. my new planner
5. having short hair
7. pinterest
8. conference talks and devotionals
9. swimming  (if you know me well, you say: "??!!")
10. catching up with old friends
11. physically strenuous exercise involving activities to which my body is not accustomed
12. wide open spaces (actual physical space. not the song)
13. learning.
14. listening to songs in languages i do not know. in fact, sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense to me.
15. the idea of travel....
16. driving - dusk - windows down. by myself. listening to music, or my own voice, or the silence. each tell me different things, you know.

this is not to say that i love all these things only now or starting now or ending later or starting sooner or that i will love them all forever. but i may. this is just a current analysis of my current cathartic/joyful/slightly amusing pleasures from the past few weeks. i'm sure you were wondering. you're welcome.

what's on your list?


at the end of the day

last night, jess visited me.
she and i have been friends since 6th grade...when she convinced me to perm my hair with her. which was a mistake. but one that brought us together. 
she's been a favorite ever since. 

this morning i woke up bright and early and made french toast with reneé.
she's a fabulous person -- really sincere and genuinely kind, and full of passion and energy and drive. 

she's roommates with kim,
whose contagious happiness and optimism is unstoppable. if kim believes in you, you can do anything.

then i watched brooke perform at the farmers market. 
brooke is a true friend, through and through. she'll stand up and fight for any friend in need, and won't be ashamed to do so.

i met up with tricia and her husband logan
whom i have had the blessing of knowing for quite some time (tricia has been a best friend since high school -- logan is a newer addition but i couldn't have hand-picked a better companion for her).  among many other things, they are willing to put themselves second to a friend in need. which happens often. and they do it together.

we explored the farmer's market --

and saw chilcoat there! he was my 8th grade history teacher
...whom i hadn't seen since early high school. he always encouraged me to pursue art, and was contagiously passionate about school and especially history. 
i've never thought of the jfk assassination the same way since. 

tricia and logan and i had amazing sandwiches. 

then i came home
decided not to hike the Y with my ward
because i'm very much injured from the last hike 
but didn't regret that hike  
at all
[see previous post]

and attended a wedding reception for tim and lyndsie.
i don't know her well but she has a nice smile. he is very intelligent and willing to help.

there, i saw mark, brooke (again), gina and rocio -- 
and this group is so solid. always there for each other and always so much fun. inclusive and caring. 

talked with jeff on the way back 
who is like a male-version of me. so we get along pretty ploxily. he provides perspective and empathy and a shoulder to cry on and someone with whom to laugh 

then i drove to another wedding reception with my friend and old roommate whitney
who is level-headed and so wonderfully supportive of her friends. and of people in general. she's always up for adventure.

the wedding reception was for aubrey
who is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people i know

came back and saw whit's roommate/my old roommate/our dear friend carolyn
who is loving and down-to-earth and a wonderful listener

and now i'm off to do stuff with mama. 
who has always been there for me. kind, loving, supportive, tons of fun. she's just so good. it's nice to be with her.
at the end of the day, my to-do list doesn't have a lot of checkmarks on it...but i feel like the way my day went, my time was spent productively.

i realized something. i realized that one of my favorite things about my life is, by far, the people in it. God is so good to bless us through other people. i feel like my time is best spent when i'm in the company of someone i love, whether it be a someone or lots of someones. i know that most have already come to this realization and it's pretty cliché, but -- 

in the end, people matter.  

note: this was an account of one day which brought with it these certain people. there are obviously other days and other wonderful people in my life.  lest anyone feel left out. :)



after two hours of intense hiking yesterday, i didn't have as much time as i would have liked on the top of the mountain, but i did manage to write this: 

i can't recall seeing anything so beautiful as my own home town from this new perspective. oh, what we miss when we don't see properly. 


author's note: to be honest, this is a post more for me than for you. just a simple experience i wanted to document. the night is dark and cool; i'm writing from my front porch. so, if you'd like to take a break from life's noise and join me on this pretty, quiet evening, go ahead and read how i spent it below. 
after all, i do enjoy company.

i chased the sunset tonight. 

driving home from a friend's gathering around 8pm, i decided i wasn't done with the night. there were other things i could be doing, but the sunset was beautiful, and it drew me in. windows down, i veered into another lane and headed to find a road that would lead me to higher ground to get a good view. 

at first, i was honestly not very concerned with finding the sun; i sang along to my ipod with my windows down. then i realized how fast the view was leaving, and how beautiful it was. so i drove with more intent. faster, higher. found a decent view, but the street was cluttered with teenagers and skateboards. i doubt they even noticed the sky. which was fine. so i drove on, all the while keeping my eyes on the disappearing sun.

eventually i stumbled upon the road that i'd been looking for. drove higher. reached the summit. and, oh, it was beautiful. but fleeting. it was almost gone when i arrived. but i parked and got out, miss holga in hand. i didn't document right away; instead, i savored the moment. 

it was…well. cleansing? pure, maybe? they all sound pretty cheesy and overused, but um, yeah. that.

i took out miss holga and made a couple pictures. then i took out little green sketchbook and made some more.

meanwhile, a couple of cats meandered their way over to me. rubbed against my legs as i stood and thought and drew. 

i hadn't drawn since school got out. but tonight, i needed to create.

one cat was white and tan -- you know those kinds? it got distracted and scampered off. it came back to me a few times but was pretty content chasing bugs and such. 

i turned around and drew the other direction. 

the other cat was white, with a black face and black paws. he stayed nearby, kindly holding various poses for me to draw him. his payment to me was to periodically come back to keep my ankles company. he was soft and and it felt nice.

i finished my tiny drawings and watched the rest of the sky fade. the sun had already gone, but the remnants were intriguing in a new way. 

i stood there, girl against the edge of a mountain, on that hill, for a long time. listened to the crickets and the distant sounds. stood still as the cars passed and the neighbors chatted and the sky changed moods. 

i looked down at my shoes and decided to try to get a photo of my black pawed companion, who was again weaving figure eight patterns around my feet. but after i returned from the car with camera in hand, he turned and trotted across the street. i figured if i walked back to my place and stayed still, like i had when he approached the first time, he might come back. he sat on one side of the road; i stood on the other. we dared each other to move. 

the clouds were beautiful. the sky was a series of dark blues.

a car came between us and whizzed down the hill.  after it passed, i looked at black paws and he looked at me. neither budged. 

i shifted my eyes and again studied the view. the lights around the city had been steadily making their presence known. their twinkling was a nice contrast to the fading natural light and ensuing darkness that settled in.

to my right, the white cat continued to frolic, chasing little invisibles. 
to my left, (and to my dismay), the black pawed cat wandered further away and settled down by a bush. 

i remained still. 


about like that. 

eventually, i quietly thanked the black cat for his companionship, though i doubt he could understand how much i appreciated it (after all, he was a cat) and climbed into my car. wrote some words and stuff. you know. how i do sometimes. 

i started the car and rolled down the window as i pulled out. i strained my eyes to see both cats, very faintly, sitting on the left side of the road, watching me leave. 

i was glad i could share the moment with them. especially with black paws.


on monday, i wrote. wrote and wrote and wrote. and wrote.
on thursday, i danced. danced and danced and danced. 
yesterday, i ran. ran and ran.

tonight, lots of thoughts were washing over me. i let them come unfiltered. in and out and all around, i could barely contain them all. i wanted to share them with a someone. 

but, i didn't. couldn't. 

instead, i drove. tonight, i drove. drove and…well, you get the picture. 
then i wrote this.


grow and grow, till tall. 




among other things, i have been taking lots of pictures recently. so i figured i'd post some from a totally  unintentional photoshoot after lunch a couple weeks ago. these particular ones go along with a theme...can anyone guess it?

hint: think hannah. hannah hillam.
now think...hipster.

at least educate yourself with chapter one.
and then skip forward in chapter two to the photography part at the bottom.
and now compare that helpful guide with these:

notice any similarities? almost embarrassingly so? ...that's all i really wanted to say. so right here, i'mma just break up the pictures with text. it looks better that way. and, because i am in an apathetic mood at work, i will fill this space with words and such.

okay. that looks better. way better. because the last one is my favorite. 

confession: i'm part hipster.


wait, go.

i feel like i haven't posted in forever. but you should be oh-so-very excited about what's coming next. 

...k. it's nothing earth-shattering. just a bunch of photographs.

photographs made up of pure awesomeness.

meanwhile, have you recently checked my art blog? you should. stuff will be happening there soon, too. 

oh, and in case you're wondering (and i'm sure you are) -- i've been listening to both this and this all day. what the random combo?!