guitar chords and moral lessons

i've been working on my bfa project this morning. mainly gathering scraps of inspiration and making this pinboard, but in real life.

i was singing at the top of my lungs while doing so, just as kind of a peripheral happenstance. it was odd how clear and controlled my voice was; i think for some reason since no one was around and i was just super calm and content, cutting out bitty pieces of inspiration, i was able to really let go and just sing. almost like i used to.

after a while, i couldn't help but grab my guitar. for about twenty minutes, my guitar and i had a great time together. after, i gchatted this to jeff:
meanwhile, i just took a break to learn a new song on my guitar.
and i liked that. 
my fingers miss those steel strings, and i think i say that to myself every time i start to play again. 
funny how easily forgotten some very important things are.
he responded, 
it is funny. 
and kind of scary. 
be they guitar chords or moral lessons.
whelp, back to cutting up inspiration.


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Anonymous said...

How poetic is your writing?

If I had a brain like that, I'd never need to read literature.