{written on monday, august 27}

today was weird: it was the first day of school.
but i didn't technically have to go to school.

here's the thing: i've been in school every year since kindergarten.
that's a lot of years.
i'm really good at going to school.
so it was my first NOT first day of school...ever.

i went to school on monday anyway,
just to get parking.

but i didn't have any classes at all.
just my project.

i took my laptop and my running shoes so i could go for a run later
and then i went to school just to work on my project.

...did i mention that i didn't go to any classes?

it was quite the bizarre feeling.


--jeff * said...

i remember that feeling, a few january's ago (um... like 7 or 8) when my roommates all woke up and went to school and i didn't because i didn't have to. ever. again.

yeah, it is strange.

in fact, i'm kind of there again now. my only "class" is a dance class.

except i don't have an awesomely captioned picture like that.

and that leaves me a little jealous.
(the good kind of jealousy)

Gale said...

Such a lady of leisure you are now! HA! (As if your project is an easy thing.) We should go to lunch! Next week?? Love you!

Aym said...

Love that you're still taking first-day-of-school pics. Remember ours? So great!

Victoria said...

So glad I have one more year! Starting school is great. Although I have decided that once I am no longer in school, I am still going to treat myself to back-to-school office supplies, because those are the best.
Happy First Not First Day of School!

Jaime said...

whoa. that would be a weird feeling. i like that you documented it, with a photo :)

--jeff * said...

HOW did you take a shot just in your kitchen that looks like it could be an ad for a fashion magazine??