on time

sooo back to time management (this is sort of a follow-up from this post). ok first of all, if you're too lazy pressed for time to read this, at least skip to the bottom of the post and check out the gem i found!

anyway, here's how i divided up the six steps from that first post on my stickie notes:

[right click and open in a new tab if you can't read them]
read number six again. that's where you come in! so you'll probably hear all about my adventures in time management; i hope that's okay.

i made myself some ideas and have been setting some boundaries. week one went okay, but i can definitely do better.

here's a list i bookedmarked forever ago, but just found it again. it has some pretty great tips; whatcha think?

also. i realize that i'm heavily distracted by technology. i found some interesting articles the other day:

i really like this one on "cutting the digital lifeline and finding serenity".
this is on FOMO, or the "fear of missing out", from which i most definitely suffer.

so, food for thought.
last but definitely not least, i've started to use "stay focusd", which is a chrome add-on that limits your time on websites you choose, and then blocks it from you if you're on there for more than the allotted time. it's witty and it's great! i've been using it for facebook, mostly. *cough*...just don't cheat and open up firefox or something when you wanna spend more time on the blocked sites. *cough*

what do you do to manage your time? any tips? 


100Staples said...

Read it. Loved it.
Let me know if/how I can help. :-)
And thanks for the add-in link ... I'm going to try it out.


Jenny said...

I've been thinking a lot about this stuff lately as well - self control, simplifying, and time management.
I love what you have shared. I have committed to Tessa to working out at least 5 days a week and not getting on facebook until I have done my workout for the day. So far that has helped with some things. Exercise has helped me to be more motivated and have more energy the past couple of weeks as well as feel more self discipline/control.
Leaving work on time is another biggie for me, so I have scheduled things such as my workouts with Tessa, so I need to leave to get back to be accountable and meet her. She also set a goal, and we keep each other accountable. Its been good.
I wrote down a couple of goals and also the WHY's for them.
I put a reminder on my bathroom mirror - which I learned from you and which Tessa suggested as well.
I have a long ways to go, but its been a good start to things.
Thanks for sharing your stuff. I am reminded of the difference writing a goal down and being accountable for it can do.

Liz said...

I can't right click, but I really want to read those stickies!

kwistin said...

@liz: try clicking here!

Jaime said...

thanks for the stay focused website. i need this. :)