11 lessons learned from "UP"

i am an avid pixar fan. pixar is kind of what drives me to be an animator sometimes. as i watched their newest film "Up"...4 times...i realized that there are a lot of "grown-up" lessons to be learned.

here are some little golden bits of wisdom i took from it:
1. there's something to be said about 'true love'. it's worth waiting for.
2. never stop dreaming.
3. never give up hope in trying to accomplish a goal.
4. i hate squirrels...
5. friends are true no matter what. they don't judge.
6. draw on your walls.
7. sometimes, if you just open your eyes and look for it, you're in the middle of an adventure.
8. POINT!!! (see above image)
9. through disappointments, we can see more clearly.
10. appreciate the past, live in the present, look forward to the future. cherish them all!
11."sometimes, the boring things are the things we remember most."

what did you learn?


Derence Walk said...

I love Pixar also! Their movies are aesthetically awesome and the stories are heart warming. Plus, it seems like the corporate culture is really fun! (When I was a computer animator in high school, I used to dream of working for them.)

I bet you can work for them someday if you want to.

--jeff * said...

oh, i'll tell you what i learned.... ; )

i dig so many of your lessons, too.

up is to kristin as wall-e is to....

joe said...

Things I learned from Up!

1. Never let your inner child die.
2. Never let go of real love.
3. Somethings are worth fighting for.
4. Always watch out for your friends.

That's all for now. I don't own it yet but when I do I'll be sure to update you.

olivia said...

I LOVED UP! Did I cry? Yes! I loved your first lesson learned. There is true love and it is worth waiting for. Such a fabulous reality!

K said...

This is the strongest lesson I saw in the movie: marry well and truly. Because there are terrible things and wonderful things and dreams unrealized while the real sweetness unfolds around you, nearly unnoticed. Choose a man who will not run from your hearts' own faltering, but who will offer up to you YOUR own dream. The rest of it was about another story - but this one was the important one for me.