periodic table of typefaces

remember how i adore typography?

yeah. me too.

i just found this site as i've been searching for design inspiration. enjoy!

this is now my new desktop background:

i didn't create this, but i wish i would have.


--jeff * said...

wow... seriously dang awesome.

i'm keeping a copy for myself.... : )

glad you found your inspiration.

ktln said...

Hmmm...my favorite is...Metro. Oh wait, but I really really like Neutraface too. And Prokyon. Formata is nice too. Ooohh, I bet all of Gotham is pretty. Huh, I guess I'm a sans serif kinda girl. What's your favorite?

P.S. This is amazing.

kwistin said...

thanks, friends!

excellent selections, katie. i love neutraface. it has a warm fuzzy place in my heart because i did my typography report on it. way cool history! i also really like rockwell, baskerville, trajan, and didot (all serifs). interesting that i chose those first, because i usually design with more simple sans serif (however, rockwell is what the call-outs are in my Spin magazine) :)

my all-time favorite font: helvetica neue, ultralight.

mmmm. :)

Debbie said...

Very cool. I love lettering - did calligraphy for awhile (should do it again). Glad you found such a cool thing. And although you didn't create it, you discovered it - it's almost the same thing!

K said...

I love this. Gonna have to send it to Chaz.