my online portfolio!

check it out! i've been putting together an online portfolio, mainly so i can force myself to digitize pieces and get ready for 'the real world'.

it's definitely a work in progress, but so fun to do!

find it here.

i would LOVE your feedback, so just write under the 'thoughts' section of this post.

to reward you for reading my blog, you may have seen a lot of the things in there before. however, you may be surprised at others. and others that are already on there are forthcoming blogs...so it's kind of like a sneak peek.

or a box of chocolates.



Amy said...

I like it! My favorite is "Wusnt Me." I love the camera angle and the humorous situation. It reminds me of "No David." Excellent!

The Well Fed Man said...

Yay portfolio!

Alie said...

Beautiful! You are so talented.

Zachary said...

I love looking through your portfolio. One of the greatest things about it is there is so much diversity in all of your projects that you undergo. You have a wonderful eye for artistic moments as shown by your photography. You have a beautiful imagination as shown by your illustrations that tell great and exciting stories. This portfolio really shows that you are incredibly talented and very well-rounded.

Some of my favorites are the wedding photos. They are amazing. They are well composed and beautifully edited. I also love your illustrations. They are fun and they each tell unique stories from cool perspectives. I love the sheep and the wolf. The sheep is so sassy and has a "don't you dare try and eat me! I'll drown you in snow!" kind of attitude. Then the portrait photography is a lot of fun, too. I especially like that handsome devil in the nice jeans by the fence. :)

You have so many talents and you are so good at so many different things. You amaze me. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

Rebecca R. said...

Very impressive! Loved your magazine re-design. I like how you used your own photo of the guitar in the layout. It fits perfectly. It would be fun to see you incorporate your illustration, graphic design, and photography skills all in one project. This motivates me to get my website up soon! Thanks for sharing.