typefaces give us signals

it's another typography post. i'm obsessed. i know.

have you ever thought about this before? it's what typography is all about. i think that typography is a main root of graphic design. we design to portray thoughts/feelings/expressions, to help people think a certain way or see a certain thing. this is why it's so crucial that good designers are good typographers.

Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann on Vimeo.

2 addendums:

1) i haven't forgotten about my 'whyit'sawesome' series. stay tuned!
2) thanks to those who commented on my portfolio (and those who will, hint hint). i really honestly love the feedback, especially after working on it for a while before i actually posted it.


Brandon said...

Type. Faces. Give. Us. Signals. Yes master...

--jeff * said...

first: yes, i am going to comment on your portfolio (though i've given some initial comments in person); but i've been a little busy as of late (see my blog post).

two: yes, and that's why typography is so dang awesome! the "helvetica" doc really opened my understanding to a lot of that, how the font tells us so much while being nearly "invisible" to pretty much everyone who reads it. and there's something really cool about that.

thank you for being my typography guru through that mystic realm.

Alie said...

loved that!