jaunts in the city

{tragic: i wrote this on saturday, but wanted to include photos and sketches. my memory card isn't reading on my computer! :( but i'll post anyway, and hopefully get them up later....}

new york--day 2. i set out on my own this morning (after receiving very detailed instructions) to find the apartment i might move into. it could have been scary, but wasn't. i felt very confident and happy. it was a lovely morning, and i found my way easily. i noticed a few things today.

i love architecture.
old buildings with intricate decorations are fabulous. 
stairways scaling buildings look cool.
the buildings here are very well colored.

people are fascinating.
i got several "good morning!"s while walking.
i was handed a few religious brochures.
it's cool; skin color doesn't tell you anything...
it's what comes out of their mouths, and how they say it that tells you about where they're from.

when i got back, we met up with lindsay, shelley's friend, and we walked around central park.
pushing a stroller through central park is very hard. especially up the hills.
i love outdoor music. love it.
john lennon rocks my socks.
there are many older, very fit people in new york.
saw a whole ton of people jogging in half-uniforms: police button-up shirts, and odd shaped hats (lindsay thought they looked like 'british constables', though she admitted she wasn't exactly sure what that term meant. judging by this picture, she was spot-on.) however, they were wearing normal gym shorts and running shoes....
even my comfiest shoes...aren't comfy enough.
the variety of dogs here is endless.

we then walked to lindsay's apartment.
new york has great typography. 
i enjoyed hearing pregnant-mom talk. (they're both expecting.)
stroller up the stairs: hard. but i'm learning.

we hopped on the subway,
and went to see the temple and lincoln center.
the temple was beautiful!
the julliard building is beautiful!
hey jeff, it had a title that looked like a word or two we both know and love.

subway again. 
 dude with dreadlocks as long as my hair *used to* be. 
reminded me i need to blog about that....
sounds of this city are fascinating. smiling to myself, i felt a bit like this

had a good discussion with shelley about good life stuff.
(to be recorded in my journal.)

so, lots and lots of walking.
even my comfiest shoes...aren't comfy enough.
but it was a wonderful day!


K said...

Spot on, was she? The first rush of city is either frightening or enervating - it's so big and so vital and so complex. Not my favorite scape, but certainly something to experience. Paris is kind of a nice compromise - not as muscled as NY (which is nowhere as muscled as Chicago), and more mysterious. You'd like it there, I think, too. The strange thing is that, sadly, as you grow used to the place, and get settled in your work, you will be thinking about getting there more than seeing the journey every day. Unless, of course, my saying this challenges you to be alive to it every moment.

I was shocked one day, on my way to the Rue Claire to pick up some lunch crepes, to realize that I was passing through the Champs du Mars for all the world as if seeing the Eiffel Tower was old news - like I was a native, almost glorying in taking the thing for granted. And that was only after a week of living under it.

Didn't you already know that about skin? But you really do have to pay close attention to what comes out of the mouth - but more to what is done when a person thinks no one is observing.

Balancing delight and vulnerability is the name of the game now.

Mike and Kate said...