somethin' changed!

in recent news:

1) if you've been here before, you can tell my blog obviously had a face lift. it's a totally different look, and i can't tell if i like it yet. i just realized a lot of my previous posts have been formatted specifically for the previous template, so if you find any invisible text or pictures that are cut off, please leave me a comment and let me know! also if you have any ideas or feedback, i'd love to know.  

2) the semester turned out to be crazy, like always. but i'm back, and i'll try to catch up! (remember how i started to tell you about my winter '09 semester? i still need to post those....) so this week, i'll try to catch up--post all the half-written posts that i've been meaning to publish for some time.

i'll do that this week, because next week...

3) i'll be in new york! huzzah!

i got an internship with brett helquist (check out his stuff--he's great!) and another with the society of illustrators (i was told to contact annelle miller, who sounds pretty great!) and i'm super excited. i'll be there from may 21 - july 2. back just in time for the 4th of july, but also just missing zach's birthday by 2 days. how that happens, i don't know!...bad-girlfriend points...grumble....

4) anyway, i still have no housing. i'm in the middle of applying for the international house, but chances are slim they'd have room and it would cost a pretty penny (oodles of pennies, actually, regardless of how they look). so if anyone has new york connections, again-- please help a girl out.

5) i just noticed there are no pictures for this exciting post. let's fix that:

there. some gumballs for you. i'll post paintings and other photos later.

meanwhile, i'll settle in and try to get used to my blog's new look. don't worry...she's still the same blog. good and old. promise. hopefully i'll feel warmed up to on my online home before i get to the big apple (does that sound as pathetic as i think it does?), because as soon as i get there i'm on my own, and i'm pretty sure i'll want some sort of attachment to my real home. :)


Zachary said...

oooOOOoooh! So this is what you have been up to. I like it! I think that you should go with this format and style for a while. It is a drastic change, but I'm a fan of the bold decision and the desire you have to embrace the change.

Overall, I really like the the look of your blog. It's so light and bright and it makes me happy. :) <--just like that.

I hope that everything gets squared away for you in time to head to new york. You'll have a great time. That's what everyone tells me.

P.S. Don't worry about missing the birthday. I'm sure he understands. If he doesn't, then he's a bad boyfriend. You'll just have to celebrate with him a little earlier. ;)

Alie said...

Love the new blog. Much more modern. The black always made your blog seem emo to me anyway! ;)

Good luck in New York! You will love it there!

K said...

I like it. It has energy.

--jeff * said...

i like gumballs.

Rebecca said...

Kristen! Have you joined the NYC LDS Housing Google group? You can find tons of cheap sub-lets on there! I love NYC and if you want just let me know which singles ward you are in and I will have a friend come meet up with you sometime...I have at least 2 in every singles ward! :)

AudyCamp said...

How exciting!! Have fun in New York! ...love the gumball picture..you look so much like your mom in that one.

mairzy said...

Congrats so much on the internship!!! Isn't he the artist who illustrated "A Series of Unfortunate Events"?! - that should be a lot of fun and I bet you'll collect all sorts of interesting experiences! Good luck on getting all the details figured out, hey the big picture is taken care of so the details will work themselves out :-)

keviN said...

so.. before you start living in New York, i advise you to acquire a very sharp and menacing knife that easily concealed. you never know when you're gonna have to mug somebody, might as well be prepared.

also, this Helquist character's style seems to emanate positive vibes akin to your own - hopefully you shall make a great apprentice and be rewarded with sharper knives than you could ever imagine. your muggings will go so much more smoothly, after all the struggle and repetitive attempts with dulled down and more rusty ones...
haha. seriously though, mad congrats!! happy stuff.

new look vs. old look = meh. it feels more... clean and professional? so if you like the taste of being a sell-out stagnating in your mouth, be my guest.
heh. i keed, i keed. it's cool.

good luck with all that housing stuff!! sounds like an awesome nightmare.. remember, your mugger knife may come in handy if all else fails.

Ryan and Alexis Bessey said...

Wow-weeee!!! I love the facelift! In fact, can you show me how to fix mine? It needs to be more artsy. I love the stories and the gumballs,very tasty. I'm really going to miss you... I cannot wait till I get to see you again in the Fall. Hey, by any chance are you taking Head painting in the fall??? I might see you there!!! yay! Good luck in New York!