tally hall...well, you know the rest. {addendum}

i'm finally all done with the 'tally hall, there's no one better than you' series! one day, 5 blog posts. awesome. anyway, last thing i'm gonna say: here's all 4 photos so far.

what are the significance of these photos, you ask? well, you'll just have to go back and read for clarification. ;)

1- in the venue, with guster, 9.21.07
2- the velour, solo tour, 3.7.08
3- the velour, solo tour, 5.24.08
4- in the venue, with rooney, 12.4.09

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--jeff * said...

*sniff* so many memories......

i want to quote a tally hall line here, but there are so many fun ones to choose that i'm not sure what to write. but you know how that goes....