wanted: NY advice

major things are happening, and i've meant to blog but because i've been so busy getting ready for NY, i've lacked the time. friday is the big day!

for now, i just have a few things to say. if you're short on time, please read #3!

1) i found housing! i got accepted to the i-house, but then decided my money would be better spent experiencing new york so i'll be renting an apartment for june. tonight i found out things might still be a bit iffy, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

2) i'm sad i won't be able to take the awesome rebel xsi with its wonderful lens that i've grown to love so much, since it's my work's camera, but i will be taking my holga! today i bought 4 rolls of various holga film. we'll see if miss holga decides to give me some good shots this trip.  i also pray that my point-and-shoot camera lasts...it's been dying for some time. i'll try to sketchbook what i can't photograph.

3) most important: i need your help. if you have any advice about new york, including places to go/visit (big places, little places, restaurants, shops, parks, fun niches that no one pays attention to, etc), please let me know! also, if you have any words of advice (i've heard walking around at night is not so good, to get a metro pass, etc) let me know as well. also, if there's something you think i should attend or do while i'm there, even holga or camera tips, or just anything else, feel free to inform me!

 [above left: map of NY to carry around and thereby orient self, above right: best advice yet. it makes sense to me...trust me.]

don't be scared; please leave a comment below, so i can have all my NY advice in one place! i'll not be there for long, so i really want to maximize the time i have.

thank you! i'll blog a few more times before i go. i'm off for an adventure for sure.


Leslie said...

Who are you interning with?! Gosh I'm excited for you. I absolutely LOVE New York, and could give you an enormous list of must-sees and do's and eats. Maybe I'll email you. It's long :)

Chantel said...

I love you new blog layout!!! I love the picture at the top and the coloring. I just love it. Unfortunately I don't have any New York advice for you, but have a lot of fun!! :)

Mike and Kate said...

Coney Island Beach. It's beautiful. Water is cold though

Rebecca said...

Oh Seriously NYC is amazing in the Summer!!! I know been there lived through that! Make sure to do all the touristy things because they are worth it! The top of the Rock is amazing and has great views, hit a broadway show...lotteries are just great for cheap amazing seats, ride the Staten Island Ferry (free)to see the skyline and Lady Liberty, Central Park is a must and it is super cheap to rent a boat on the lake so do that! it is an awesome experience! plus it is right by Bethseda Fountain and the Mall so that is perfect! also try to ride the Merry Go Round...so classic! NYC is an amazing place so if you need anything just let me know! also do you know what singles ward you will be in?

Anonymous said...

Here you go! H&M is the best place for shopping!Mangola Bakery- YUM! And that cute college town. Student prices for broadway musicals-great deal-just ask the ticket offices. Enjoy every second!! Go to central park often and all of the art museums! Oh man girl have fun!

Brianna said...

just hang out with me because I don't live very far away :) hahah but seriously i want to play while you're out here!! When do you move out again? Soho is so cute and fun! The broadway shows are a must and most have student rush tickets you can buy 2 hours before the show....or they have the lottery you can enter in. also i've heard you can kayak across the hudson for free...LOVE THAT IDEA. and there is a really great pizza place by the brooklyn bridge.

Alie said...

Check out our blog post on NYC. Levain's Bakery was one of my favs.


K said...

Ask the people who live there. And listen closely: you can change the planet you are on by simply walking one block too far. The people who live there know the rules—know the boundaries. They will advise you. Mayor G cleaned up a lot of the bad stuff, but it's a city. No - it's THE city. There are great places, wonderful delis and stores - but half a block away, you lose Holga, and hopefully nothing else.

Same with the subway. You get off one stop wrong, you can find yourself in some dangerous territory. But only by riding the train will you learn how to negotiate the city. Spend a little time with the big stuff - Nice to see Radio City and Columbia and the Statue. But the real city is in the small stuff. The details. You'll notice things most people won't, and there's plenty for the noticing. M's sister Ginna (http://lifekunst.blogspot.com/) was just there not a year ago and stayed for some weeks, just hanging out - she knows some good places. You could ask her.

Ward members will help. Just use your head and understand that there's some very raw life going on there, and you don't want to catch the business end of it.

kwistin said...

everyone's advice is great! thank you all. my dad added (and this is a very extensive list):

-radio city music hall
-central park
-financial district
-museums: MET, MOMA, Nat. History, etc
-Empire St. Bldg
-Park Ave (Gimbels, Macey's Bloomingdale's)
-Financial District (tour NY stock exchange)
-NY Ritz Carlton Hotel
-Wardorf Astoria Hotel
-Grand Central Station
-Madison Square Garden
-42nd street (for camera stuff)
...there were others i can't find right now....

and from Leslie Duke: One word: Grimaldi's. Basically the best pizza ever. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, stand in line and eat a slice or two. You won't be sorry.

from Steve Boshard: ok im only going to say this once. this is the advice i give. and i give it freely. Find a rich white man! Get hitched! and then spend all of his money on me! :)

solid advice.

Julia said...

NY advice...
Visit the temple and try to attend a ballet or concert across the street at Avery-Fisher or the Lincoln Center. Eat lots of different food...there is a cuban place a few blocks south of I-House...killer food that I still have a hankering for. Also, get on the Metro-North one day and ride it to Beacon...gorgeous, trendy place nestled in the green of the Hudson river. Go to Dishes in Grand Central Station and get a ginger mango smoothie and nab some cheese cake at Juniors. I could go on and on...