where nobody knows your name

my bags are packed. 

actually...that's a complete lie. but i wanted to post before i left, so though i'm staring into an empty suitcase, here's the scoop....

the most obvious part of this trip is going to be good work experience. part is going to be adventure. but one of the biggest parts, in my mind, is sort of a personal sabbatical

i have a lot going on in my life here at home. like...a lot. while i initially didn't realize it, this trip is ideal for me to kind of step back from everything here at home and just take some time for me. i want to really focus on what i'm doing out there; make the most of my time. thus, i'm going to have minimal contact with people at home. crazy, eh? i realize this may sound selfish, and maybe it is, but i'm going to trust that most of you know me better than that and i feel good about it. for those who don't know me, i'm still very happy to have you here!

i've told a few of you about this, and have received positive responses, so thank you for your support. i'm going to bank on the fact that my friends and family knows i'm not doing this to shun, but merely for my own personal well-being and attempt at clarity. 

i won't be using my phone a lot, and i'm not sure when i'll be able to check e-mail. i'll try to blog as much as i can so i can share my adventures with you! (those of you who are veteran readers may know that this might be one of those "now that my internship is over, here's what happened!..." situations. =D but really, i'll try and post at least weekly, conditions permitting.) i love responses to my blog posts (i always do) and i'll keep in touch that way.

i've lived in the same town most my life, and i've always dreamt of going to a place where nobody knows my name. here's my chance!

as for now...read my posts and enjoy my adventures. see you in six weeks. :)


keviN said...

title of the post totally reminded me of this song for some reason - nowhere near my top fav songs from fastball, and now its stuck in my head, AND it might even be lyrically contradictory to the overall theme of this post.... gee thanks.

oh, and have fun!! happy thoughts, magic pixie dust, positive waves, safety precautions, back-watching, mugger knife brandishing, and all that.

AudyCamp said...

Have FUN, Be Safe, Pray Hard, Be Yourself, Learn Lots!
....that's my older-sisterly-cousinly advice!

Take Care & Have a Blast! ~Audra

Chelsea Stebar said...

Fresh starts are delicious. This will be great for you.

Kanani said...

Good luck Kristin 'with pants!' I will miss seeing you on the 6th of June when I visit home, but I am glad you will be having fun in the big apple!
Have lots of fun and adventures. i want to hear all about them when we meet again.

K said...

This will be a very good experience for you. As long as you use your head. The city is dangerous and not dangerous. Just like a walk in the mountains, you have to respect the realities. Having to start over and define yourself to people who have no preconceptions is valuable beyond belief. You will find parts of yourself that only exist because other people believe in them, and parts that are there because they are real, and you are real. You will know yourself better. But do NOT romanticize the people you meet - you also have to see them with clarity for what they are and what they are not. Romance is very dangerous in a situation like this - I know.