i try not to make a habit of straight-up complaining on my blog. and usually when i'm upset, it's obvious, but buffered by obscurity in interesting metaphors or conclusions i've found to cope. but not this time. 

i had a 4-hour long talk with a really good friend today. it was wonderful and amazingly insightful, but hard and exhausting for us both. i think good things will come of it.

and tonight, i...

wrote some incredibly hard, very honest emails to two very dear friends.

read an email.

listened to a song.

 a lot.

wished i were elsewhere
or that i could run away.

but reminded myself things will work out 
...and now i'm working on believing it.


Chantel said...

I love this Kristin! I love how you write. I like this post so much because it shows that you're alive, and that sometimes life is hard. You are awesome, and I believe in you.

K said...

The sound byte at the bottom resonates. As does Ann, once of Green Gables, waking to a new day with no mistakes in it yet. You are still loose in the world, knocking around with other people bouncing in space. As you go on, if you align yourself and settle into a community that is flowing with you toward some visualizable end, you will find a different sort of experience. Not more peaceful, but more of a vector. What are you going to be when you grow up, little spark plug?