messy hair

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first off, forgive the emo-myspacey picture. i'm just finishing work and was curious to see how my hair ended up today (meh). but when the photobooth snapped the picture, it blew out all the details of my face. but when you're looking at hair, who needs details anyway, right?

my hair today... i was going to do it. had every intention. i was in a hoodie and pajama pants from 6:45am til 10:30am at home, but being incredibly productive. i had an english research proposal due at noon and after slaving away my entire saturday on it, got up bright and early to finish today. luckily, i got it done.

i still had tons of other stuff to do, so i hurried around printing stuff, gathering stuff, eating...stuff. and stuff. eventually burst into the bathroom to pull my hair up into a quick ponytail (it's about 2 inches long these days!). looked in the mirror. cocked my head and furrowed my brow. cocked my head the other way. (no, really. i did.)

then, i bent over, took both hands and just scrubbed through my hair as much as i could stood upright and looked again. "that'll work." i thought. sprayed it a tad. done.

and even if it didn't work, ...meh.

it calmed down throughout the day, shown above. but tomorrow i'll wake up and it'll likely be crazy again. or maybe it'll be super flat when i want it to be crazy. it kind of does its own thing these days.

so yeah. current hair = current life. you can figure it out.

and some day, i'll get a hair cut. but til then, well. this is just gonna have to do.

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