just another day

dear keane: WELCOME back into my life.

dear morning sky: you are beautiful beyond all reason, insomuch that i walked the long way to work (any my lungs paid for it in the cold). i think you owe me.

dear mountains: why are you so tantalizingly close, yet so far away?

dear sick: i feel like we've been over this. i need you to cease and desist, so that i can climb mountains and sing to keane. like, immediately.

dear kanani: thanks for making this happen, because it really saved my day.

dear writing: i wish that everything you say wouldn't need to be said. it's exhausting to put things in black and white sometimes.

dear temple: you are always a good idea.

dear adventure: please, come find me and whisk me away. soon.



--jeff * said...

dear w.f.+h.s.

this is just really great.

i agree wholly with the ones i understand.

and likely would with the others.



Barbaloot said...

I do love Keane. Lots.
PS-it's a holiday weekend. Make an adventure!!

Kelli Anderson said...

i love the temple (: