me in 185 words

for my english 311 class, we had to write a "me in 100 words" essay to read aloud on the second day of class. i accidentally typed "200 words" when making a note of the assignment. luckily, we started on the other side of the room so by the time it got to me (the last one) i had it edited down to a nice, concise 100 word essay. however, my teacher said that if i chose to revise it again, i could revise either. so now i have a 100-, 200- and 185-word essay. i'm not completely satisfied with the latter, which i turned in, but it's post-able: 

Chocolate Over Fruit

I am a fast-walking paradox, who enjoys walking slowly.

I love illustration, animation, graphic design, and photography. Though I study these, my artistic sanity comes through music, dance and writing.

I’m an avid procrastinator and recovering perfectionist, both hopefully temporary. I tend to start projects a few nights before they’re due, yet demand perfection of their outcome. It sometimes works.

A defiant part of me lives life as an action movie. I am often racing from classes to concerts to parties to appointments, always arriving a little after the nick of time, with theme music playing in my head.

Another equally defiant part of me is a 7-year old princess. I secretly dance alone in my living room and will find any excuse to wear a fancy dress. Some would call me old-fashioned.

My personality and adventures lie somewhere between hometown Provo and pseudo-second home New York, as well as through the people in my life.

I value health and humor. I prefer wit to slapstick and running over swimming. Hypocritically, when it comes to frozen yogurt, I’d take chocolate almost any day over fruit.


Jenny said...

Well done! Expression through writing is definitely one of your talents :) I love your insights into yourself and your clever way of presenting them. Clever title. Chocolate over fruit, would also be my choice, with lots of chunks of goodness :)

Barbaloot said...

If I had read this without knowing who it was about, it definitely would have brought you to mind. You describe yourself well:)

Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

You're such a fun happy person! Thank you for being such a great example. :)

Chantel said...

Your mind is incredible! I love encountering writing and thinking like yours because it starts getting my writing juices flowing. You're very influential. And brilliant might I add.