props to 2009. you were pretty great.

{note: success! i have fixed the majority of the photos so you can now click them and they will enlarge! i'll fix the rest later :D}

january:: started the new year by playing rock band for the first time with my awesome coworkers, went to bodyworlds with jeff (i'd been once before and time #2 was awesome), discovered a new favorite town (midway), and took my first wedding reception photos-- kyle and kilene (still aren't all edited. um...), learn that i have pretty cool friends.
february:: attend byu's synthesis with guest guitarist anthony wilson, receive ORCA grant, classes start to get intense and awesome, start dating zach, start to learn how to take risksmarch:: make second annual appearance as dr seuss' thing 2 with matthew and ryan for elementary school kiddos, sing for Catholic church's irish celebration, sing with 3 friends for mom's entire elementary school and become country rock stars to them, proclaim ourselves as country rock stars and take photos, niece jordan gets baptized, decline ORCA after much deliberation, turn 21! and learn that kids can teach us a lot more than we can teach them

april:: get accepted into byu's illustration BFA program, finals (ugh), my favorite tree ever dies and it is truly tragic, go to LDS conference (goood seats!), start spring semester and learn to appreciate my home and the value of hard work

may:: zach goes to korea and japan for 3 weeks with the byu wind symphony, i roadtrip to idaho with my sisters (!) (i still haven't received photos from this), various sketchisodes and sketchventures, heidi moves to AZ and i'm released from presidency (sadface), celebrate mother's day and mom's birthday, learn that friendships can be strengthened from a distance...which is pretty cool.

june:: go to ER from an allergic reaction to a bug bite (i just paid yet another bill from this just yesterday), re-discover my love of outdoor theater, mom gets knee surgery, i take care of her and give her shots in the stomach to prevent blood clots, i grow up a lot, zach gets swine flu, i get called to be sunday school teacher, i learn lots of hard life things, strengthen my faith and take on heightened responsibility

july:: zach and i take my adorable nieces and nephews to see hot air balloons, i donate shoes to africa, i take photos for christa's wedding--20 gigs of memory, i take haynie family photos, i take becky slinker carroll's photos, zach + danielle + jade + i perform in the ballet 'pioneer legacy'--making up about half of the 'choir', i learn business aspects of photography (money, process, etc) by way of my own initial ignorance and realize i really miss performing

august:: daddy/daughter date at one of my favorite places, buy new running shoes, start to run again, adventures in park city, camping & jet skiing with zach + tricia + logan, learn to appreciate my body and realize adventure can be had anywhere when one seeks for it

september:: get excused from jury duty (again), school starts, sister comes to visit from idaho, released from sunday school teacher and called as relief society teacher, darling visits and we have traditional breakfast at kneaders, learn to accept things as they come even if they don't fit into my "plan"

october:: ward camp-out, alpine loop, vending machine show, opera: 'tales of hoffmann' [zach played in the pit. i watched the opera and loved it], haunted gingerbread houses for fhe, homecoming parade, i was partly in charge of BYUIA halloween party at bob barrett's house, visit mom's classroom, another niece gets baptized...on halloween (i convince mom and sister to be whos from whoville with me!). i am reminded to appreciate the subtle beauties of life and learn be a better leader and planner

get sick as a dog (4th time this semester), attend they might be giants and regina spektor concerts on the same night, celebrate mickey mouse's birthday with chocolate mint cake and ice cream in my gesture drawing class, double family reunion in arizona for thanksgiving, sister and i get lost multiple times driving there and back, bond with siblings by performing two songs for talent show (i played guitar with my brother alan and we all sang, then just robin and i sang, with al's help and my guitar!), i get very sick in hotel at reunion, i am reminded how amazing my family is and remember how blessed i am to have them

december:: jon foster comes and i get to go to breakfast with him and 2 other students and brother hull, jon foster lectures and all socks in attendance are rocked, i get to have lunch with tally hall, i attend two tally hall concerts in one day (blogs are already written and will be published as soon as i can get the pictures all posted: stay tuned), jeff's annual Christmas muppet + egg nog party [i decorate a cookie to match my shirt], finals just about kill me, annual Christmas caroling party, festivus 5, Christmas with family + family and friend parties, zach and i throw successful beatles rock band/ping-pong/pool table/apples to apples/wii party (stay tuned for the next one! everyone's always invited), zach + danielle + i attend provo's first night and then with brittany have dang good fizzy bubbler and hot chocolate. i start to learn to balance.

and so, the year ends the same way it started: rock band. :] but more importantly, i've changed. i think i've grown up a lot this year through facing a lot (a LOT) of difficult decisions. there are still lots to come and i'm still learning. i think i've grown closer to my family. i've made wonderful new friends and reconnected with old ones. i've lost opportunities and gained other ones. all in all, i'm a work in progress.

as a shout-out to the new year, written on january 1....
dear 2010, i almost cut my hair and donated it today to celebrate you...but decided to buy a shirt instead. it was safer. welcome, anyway.


Brooke said...

Ok...seriously...I am LOVING this post!!! You are such a cutie, doll face! ;P

--jeff * said...


i feel like brian wilson when he first heard "sgt. pepper".....

this post is already the strong contender for "best non-sheep post of the year" for 2010.

seriously dang.

Whitney said...

Love it! And I miss your gorgeous face!

Jenny said...

Found your facebook post and checked out your blog and LOVE IT! The art is awesome, of course. You are really an amazing person! I am grateful for all that you shared about what you have learned. I am grateful to know you, and hope to continue to get to know you better. I can see I can learn a lot from you and your example. Thanks.

Clancy and Katie Black said...

What a great year! Sounds like life is treating you good. Love ya and you're beautiful!

janis said...

do you invite canadians to your beatles rock band/ping-pong/pool table/apples to apples/wii party? because that sounds like a dream come true.

thank you so so much for all those lovely book suggestions! and i will definitely check out that website!!

have a good week lady!

AudyCamp said...

Wow what a Post! I'm so glad blogging is keeping us in touch. Hopefully we can see each other in 2010~ :)

Josh said...

Kristin, seriously, only YOU could pull off something as cool looking and just awesome as this post. Don't hold it against me if I take from your ideas and do my own... :S

Debbie said...

I need that picture of Kim, Maryn and me at the reunion. And if you're up for it, the girls and I will be cutting and donating probably in February.

Nice recap. I would agree that more than just your hair grew last year.

Zachary said...

What an amazing year you had! I am amazed at how many things you accomplished in just one year. I'm sure that there was a ton of other things that you did that didn't make the post.

You are amazing and do so many good things with the time you have been given. I loved reading about all the things that you learned during each month. It was my favorite part. The pictures are fantastic, even if they don't blow up.

I can't wait to read your post for 2010 a year from now. I'm sure that you'll have an even better year this year.

Danielle said...

So, I have a confession: I've read this at least four times now. 1) It's an simply superb synopsis on one incredible year; 2) shows how wonderful my friend is; 3) and reminds me of how blessed we all are for so, so many things. Thanks for helping make 2009 a FABULOUS year for me! What a blessing you are in my life! LOVE!

PS: I updated my blog, and you've made another appearance on it. http://afewsnapshotsofmylife.blogspot.com/2010/01/10-good-things.html. While it's not nearly the quality of this particular post, I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you, again, for the privilege/blessing/gift of your friendship! I know it wasn't a coincidence that we became friends. I seriously love you! (And that's saying something, my dear!)

Chelsea Stebar said...

That was epic. And these pictures are magical. I especially love the ones of you and Zach by the walls. Super artsy and fantastic.

K said...

Blessings, Kristen. But you are the kind of people who actually puts your hands out to catch manna. For me, 2009 was odd and off balance. Very strange. I am hoping that 2010 remembers me with mercy.